Icuity weekly replacement

What your colleagues are saying about Extreme H2O Weekly

“We have gotten major league baseball players back on the field mid-season by prescribing these lenses for them. They, and many others, have been able to comfortably wear the Icuity lens with consistent, sharp visual acuity even under potentially drying and irritating circumstances.”
Dr. Dave Ross, Ross Eyecare Group

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In a League of its Own
One week replacement contact lens win over patients

“Extreme H2O Weekly may well be the most impressive lens I’ve worked with in my clinic. Even one of our technicians who has not been able to wear lenses because of dry eye has found incredible success with this lens. I also particularly like the one week disposable approach which patients find to be easier to recall, and are more compliant and it appears to be a nice compromise from two week or one monthly replacement and daily disposable lenses.”
Dr. Paul Karpecki, Kentucky Center for Vision

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One-Week Replacement Lens Gains
Enthusiastic Patient Response
The overlooked replacement schedule gets a new look

“My ‘go to’ lens for patients where monthly replacement is too long and the patient has no interest in daily replacement”
Dr. Timothy G Spence, Alpharetta Eyecare

“It’s the next best thing to one-day replacement. Patients get the benefits of a more frequent replacement, but at a cost that is more affordable to them. And the weekly replacement is easy to remember so it’s easy to be compliant.”
Dr. Lonnie Ness, Valley Vision Clinic