about us

Research consistently shows that it's end of day comfort that matters most to you. When we make our contact lenses we keep this in mind.

Our contact lenses are made with an advanced, breakthrough material called hioxifilcon. This patented material, made with a glycerin derivative, has unique water binding properties allowing it to retain up to 99% of its moisture. What does this mean for you? A lens that will not dry out on your eye - ALL DAY COMFORT. The lens comfort, movement, and fit that you experience when you first put them on, will be present throughout the entire day.

We also provide your doctor with different lens sizes to fit precisely to your eyes. We are the only disposable lens manufacturer to offer practitioners multiple diameter options in one product. Again, for you this means ultimate comfort and clarity - because like other things we wear, the best comfort is a combination of the right material and the right fit.